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Don't want to spend time digging through mountains of dot-to-dots and going to the trouble of downloading and printing them all out individually? No worries! Just for a couple bucks, you can have the entire collection, or only dot-to-dots of your preferred category, for keeps on your computer, ready for whenever you need it. Here are the links to my dot-to-dot books, for sale on Currclick.


Animal Dot-to-Dots book

Price: $4.95

This book contains 101 fun animal dot-to-dots! There are some Roman Numeral dot-to-dots, some that skip-count by twos, some that have only twenty dots, and more! The dot-to-dots may be a whale, horse, bird, dog, swordfish, antelope, kangaroo, or even a deer standing on his antlers! There is something for everyone! The easiest dot-to-dots are good for preschoolers, the harder ones are suitable for fifth graders, and the rest are in between.

Easy Dot-to-dot Book Cover

Easy Animal Dot-to-dots

Price: $2.30

This book is a collection of 46 fun easy animal dot-to-dots. All of them count by ones, and all have 50 or less dots. Each one is a different picture of an animal such as a lamb, zebra, dog, butterfly, horse, turtle, duckling, or even a baby elephant giggling on its mother's back! There is a lot of variety in these preschool-kindergarten dot-to-dots.

Medium/Hard Animal Dot-to-dot Book

Medium/Hard Animal Dot-to-dots

Price: $2.75

This dot-to-dot book includes 55 fun animal dot-to-dots with lots of variation! I have dot-to-dots skip-counting by fives, twos, threes, Roman Numerals, counting by ones, and more! There are many types of animals, such as elephants, dogs, moose, cats, antelopes, turkeys, whales, dolphins, birds, and much more! Some are for first graders, some are for second graders, and some are for third graders.

Count by Ones Book

Count By Ones Animal Dot-to-dots

Price: $2.60

This animal dot-to-dot book for children has only dot-to-dots counting by ones. It includes 53 fun animal dot-to-dots that vary a lot. There are dot-to-dots for tree snakes, dogs, horses, elephants, chickens, donkeys, cows, and lots more. Some are hard, some are easy, and some are medium-level! Some only go up to ten, and others over 100! I also have some other animal dot-to-dot books. Have fun!

Thanksgiving Activity Pack Cover

Thanksgiving Activity Pack

Price: $3.95

This cool Thanksgiving activity pack includes 43 fun activities, as well as answer keys for some. We have Color by Number worksheets, coloring pages, Copy the Picture worksheets, dot-to-dots, Find the Correct Path worksheets, Find the Wrong Picture worksheets, matching activities, coded riddles, Find the Twins worksheets, mazes, secret codes, and a Trace the Dot worksheet. It spans from preschool level to 5th grade level! Most are for 5-8 year olds, but it has some activities for older and younger children. Purchase this fun printable E-Book for a Thanksgiving surprise for your child, and enjoy it!

I'd also like to share some of my favorite music group, 24K Gold Music: clean, inspiring, enjoyable, family-friendly entertainment. If you like this sample, you can listen to more HERE.

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