Animal Dot-to-Dots

Welcome! On this website you can find a good variety of FREE animal dot-to-dots for your children. I have some to teach your child Roman Numerals, to count by twos, count by fives, and normal dot-to-dots which simply count by ones. You can also find dot-to-dots that are just for fun. It all depends on your child's age.

Some are detailed, some are simple, some are cute, and some are really silly. There are many types of animals on here, including horses, tree snakes, chickens, moose, beagles, doves, and much more! If the type of animal you want is not included, contact me, and I'll try to make it!

All my dot-to-dots are free. You can download them (as PDF files) and print them. Or, you can purchase one of my books, so you don't have download them all one-by-one. One of my books contains ALL my dot-to-dots, another only the easy ones, another the medium/hard ones, and the lastly only the counting by ones dot-to-dots. I also have a Thanksgiving Activity Pack. All are listed on my Books page, and sold on Currclick.

A few of my dot-to-dots need to have the last dot connected to the first. When this is needful, the dot-to-dot is marked with a (!) to let you know. Also, pencil lines are often too thin or faint, and so don't look the best on a dot-to-dot; marker pens will work better.

Simple dot-to-dots from 1 to 50.
Medium-level dot-to-dots.
Hard dot-to-dots.
pigCount By Ones
Dot-to-dots that only skip by ones.
bearCount By Twos
Dot-to-dots that count by twos.
frogCount By Fives
Dot-to-dots that count by fives.
owlRoman Numerals
Roman numeral dot-to-dots.
Other dot-to-dots.

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